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About Us

The History of Our Farm

Meisner's Heritage Farm is a third generation family farm owned and operated by Stephen and Melissa Meisner.

Our farm began in 1921 with Stephen's grandparents Hyman and Rose Meisner and the help of her sister and brother-in-law.

These two young couples decided to move away from the big city to upstate New York. They purchased a small self sustainable dairy farm on Fingar Road just outside the city of Hudson, NY.

The rich soil allowed the Meisner's to expand their dairy herd and begin growing vegetables.

Stephen's parents, David and Rosalind later branched out from the Fingar Road farm and purchased an apple farm on Yates Road in Hudson.

Shortly after settling in, they acquired a small dairy herd and began vegetable production as well. David and Rosalind realized times were changing and door to door sales were no longer feasible.

They purchased a small parcel of land on Route 9 for the road stand that they would sell their vegetables out of for over 60 years.

Following in the footsteps of his parents, in 2017, Stephen and Melissa realized there was a need to expand once again to better serve the needs of the community and tourists alike.

Their beautiful new farm stand is located just down the road from the original Meisner's Farm Stand on Route 9. We chose to name the new stand Meisner's Heritage Farm.

The word Heritage was added to honor the generations of Meisner's that persevered through the tough times and remained true to the traditions of old school farming and working of the land.

We are very proud to provide high quality produce to our community from near and far. We are also proud to support our extended family of local artisans and crafters by filling our farm store full of specialty products and wares for your enjoyment.